I came across this Reader's Rights the other day and thought I would share them.  So here goes:

Reader's Rights
1.  You have the right never to apologize for your reading tastes.
2.  You have the right to read anything you want.
3.  You have the right to read anywhere you the bathtub, in the car, in the grocery store, under the porch, or while walking the dog.
4.  You have the right to read in bed.  Under the covers.  With a flashlight.
5.  You have the right to carry your books in your baggage at all times.
6.  You have the right to read in exotic settings.
7.  You have the right to move your lips when you read.
8.  You have the the right to read the good parts out loud to your nearest and dearest.
9.  You have the right to read and eat at the same time.  (This right, however, does not include the right to use food as a bookmark when you are reading library books.  Even if it's the very best potato salad. 
10.  You have the right to read and make love at the same time.  Probably not in the library.
11.  You the the right to read as many books as you want at the same time.
12. You have the right to throw any book on the floor and jump up and down on it (provided that you have paid for it first).
14.  You have the right to ignore the critics at the New York Review of Books.
14.  More importantly, you have the right to ignore the critics in your immediate family.
15.  You have the right to stop reading a book whenever you decide it's not worth the effort, or that you simply don't like.
16.  You the the right to refuse any book anyone else picks out for you.  Even if it's a birthday present.  (This is associated with your right to refuse to wear any necktie or perfume you receive as a gift).
17.  You have the right to skip all the boring parts.
18.  You the the right to read the last chapter first.
19.  You have the right to read the last chapter and then put the book back on the shelf.
20.  You have the right to refuse to read any book where you don't like the picture of the author. 

I am and my family members are avid readers.  I am one to read the last chapter of a book shortly after beginning the book.  My sons and husband have always given me a hard time about that.  Well, this solves that problem!  Also, I often use a Amazon Kindle, and it is really hard to skip ahead when reading from that. 


Knitting Knitting


January 17, 2010

I have been busy, busy, busy.  This is a photo of some of the knitted face cloths I have been making. I got hooked on this at Christmas, thanks Sarah and Dylan, and have been knitting like crazy ever since.  The yarn is so so very soft and you can get so many colors.  It is 2 strands of yarn, one a chenille and one a soft bamboo or cotton.  It is crazy!  It is an easy pattern so it goes fast!


Fish Tank


Here is the picture.  I tried to get all three fish.  You can just barely see them.


Fish Tank

It is very blustery cold today.  It reminds me of the blustery days Winnie the Pooh talked about.  It was a busy morning with Dylan coming early to change the water and clean the fish tank.  I have a 36 gallon Red Sea Max salt water tank.  It has 2 Nemos (clown fish) and one striped pajama fish, and lots of corals.  Somehow the corals go crazy in this tank. It looks like they may over take it.  But I guess that is a sign that it is healthy.  I can't seem to keep any more fish as the Nemos are very territorial, and don't like outsiders. I will try to post a picture. 

Christmas 2009 recap

This Christmas was amazing.  Harper and Hiromi stayed for a week, and Sarah and Dylan spent lots of time here too.  Our niece and nephew, Kory and Kile came on the 27th for a few days.  It was so much fun.  We cooked lots of good food - we had a delicious fondue Christmas Eve dinner AND knitted - Sarah taught Hiromi to knit, I taught my niece, Kory, to knit AND we played online computer games together - we had 7 lap tops in our kitchen at one time AND Dylan, Sarah and Hiromi went to lots of yoga classes AND we shared memories, ideas, love and lots of laughter.  Wow!  It was truly a Christmas to cherish.